Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pegmatite crystals

Pegmatite crystals, originally uploaded by makigama.

Hello All,

Here's a picture of the feldspar I used in the blue celadon.

The coarse feldspar and quartz dyke is about two feet thick.


Great Basin Pottery

Doyle, California US

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Firemouth and Yohen Pots

This pot was fired in the firemouth. It has more ash and shine.

This was fired in the Yohen chamber where charcoal is introduced. It was rubbed for 2 days (This pot was probably rubbed by me. I always tried to pick this shape when we were polishing pots.) When it came out of the Yohen chamber, the pot was dull looking because of a thin oxide coating from the heavy reduction. The polishing gives it a satiny surface. In the old days, rice straw was used to polish. Today, sandpaper, 3M green and red abrasive pads and then a cotton cloth.

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